Tawo Tawo Festival – The Scarecrow Festival of Bayawan City

Bayawan City, known as the “Agricultural Capital of Negros Oriental,” anticipates a better production yield of crops in its magnificent fields of rice.

This is where the people look upon the Tawo-Tawo, the scarecrow that repels those pesky “Maya” birds that feed on the rice grains, ensuing a much bountiful yield.

With such an effective way of protecting the crops, the people are overjoyed with the abundance of their produce, thus the Tawo-Tawo festival was born in celebration and remembrance of such bountiful harvests, portraying the two important elements of the fields: the scarecrow and the mayas. Woven together, the two form a spectacular portrait of rich history and culture.

Dancers wore costumes representing farmers, scarecrows, mayas, and carabaos. They dance on the streets in a beautifully choreographed synchronization of movements.

The name Bayawan was derived from “Bayaw” (A Visayan word) that means “to hoist.”

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