Judges dethrone Festival Queen

JUST when the Sinulog Festival Queen’s crown went to a Cebu-based contingent’s lead dancer, organizers had to strip her of the honor for not joining Sunday’s parade.

Vince Escario, search chairman, said it was “a painful decision to make,” but they have to give the award to Eastern Samar Karasikas Performing Arts Guild’s Rose Jane Tiunayan.

Dyzsa Jagna of South Western University (SWU) was chosen as Sinulog 2007 Festival Queen last Saturday night, while Tiunayan won first runner-up honors.

But Escario, who met reporters Sunday night along with Sinulog Foundation executive director Ricky Ballesteros and project coordinator Dolly Suzara, said they have to impose the rules.

“Because the lead dancer of SWU who was named Sinulog Festival Queen 2007 did not participate in the grand parade, which was a clear violation of guidelines, we decided to withdraw the title,” a grim-faced Escario said.

In the search’s four-year history, it was the first time somebody from Cebu won.

“This is a very difficult and painful decision to make. But we feel it is the right thing to do, that we really have to put our foot down and be strict with the guidelines,” he said.

Ballesteros said nobody actually filed a formal protest.

“But we found out because the media were looking for her. The lady who was chosen last night was not the dancer who was performing,” he said.

Among those looking for her were those participating in the photo contest, specifically in the Festival Queen category. They have to submit their best shots of Tiunayan instead.

One of the search’s judges, who requested anonymity, said he too was looking forward to seeing the SWU’s Festival Queen perform at the grandstand.

He was surprised and had to put on his glasses again when he saw who was the lead dancer when it was SWU’s turn.

Because of the development, Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe’s Christine Villegas of Tangub City, Misamis Occidental is now first runner-up.

And Pintaflores’ Catherine Bolo of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental gets the second runner-up trophy.

Escario managed to talk over the phone with Jagna, who was a last-minute entry in the contest, but refused to divulge her reasons until the school sends its official statement.

Escario said SWU choreographer Paul Delgado and delegation head Al Evangelio could not be reached for comment Sunday night. (RHM of Sun.Star Cebu)


  1. Alex says:

    int he first place we were there in the contest last night and she was stiff as a rod when she dances. much as we don’t like to question the judges decision but when she was announced as the winner… couldn’t they get the rection of the majority? facially she was ok but we know it from the back of our minds that she will not show up during the dance parade because then again… she was no lead dancer material… pathetic. we don’t want to think that they could get this far just to earn a crown for cebu. Just my honest opinion and i think this goes as well for most of the people last saturday evening.

  2. INDAY MYRNA says:

    “PIT SENYOR” ” VIVA SENYOR SANTO NINO ” to all Cebuanos, people from different provinces and the foreigners who attend the Sinulog 2007. Just call me Inday Myrna. I grow from the fishing village of Luyang, Carmen, Cebu and now residents of QLD. Australia. Congratulations to Cebu Mayor, Governor,Peace making people,contingents, choreograhper and organiser. WELL DONE… Im on the internet everyday reading the sunstar news and following the Sinulog. Im watching the youtube sinulog and the background music now is SINULOG ISYAGET UG KUSOG. ” VIVA” PIT SENYOR”. Thanks SENYOR SANTO NINO, ang tanan gikan KANIMO. Cheers

  3. joy marapao says:

    8s my 1st time exprnced to wtnessed d’ SINULOG FESTIVAL’Coz i came fr. d’ province of surigao del sur. ALL i can say that the judged are equally given points to all cnddates … as in grabehhh talaga iba talaga ang festival nyo sa amin. ang daming tao hehehehehehehe….. walking along d’ sts……………i hope i can witnsse again……..
    PIT SENYOR!!!!!!!!!

  4. kris says:

    it is a good thing that the organizing committee bail themselves from further embarrasment by dethroning this fake victor and sticking from the guidelines.

    I would not be convince that there is a miscommunication going on between the organizers and the SWU committee. In the first place, when joining a contest, it will always be the responsiblity of every participants to know the guidelines so that they might not get technical. It is a lesson to learn that we still value rectitude than facades. Of course, Mr. Evangelio is trying to justify to no avail of this miscommunication thing. If Mr. Evangelio would like his candidate to win, better let her join Ms. Cebu Tourism than the Sinulog festival queen. She was a victor in the wrong place at the wrong contest.

    I would like to quote him in his article in Speak Out, ““The problem we have here is the failure to communicate.” And we feel that this should, through reason and heart, reach a pleasing compromise that could ease the undeserved injury that the events had inflicted upon the unwitting “victims.”

    Well, I don’t agree with you Mr. Evangelio. You choose to be inflicted because you deliberately choose a contestant which is a fake. Please, no more excuses for it will further your case that you are doing it deliberately.

    What is done is done. Stop whinning. Save yourself from further elimination by sticking to the guidelines the next time you will field in a contestant. It would rather be amusing to see a contestant of yours who looks like Bakekang and can amuse as with her dance than fielding an angelic face which cannot do even a single step of grace.

  5. Alex says:

    I could very well remember what the organizer said as the excuse of SWU for not allowing their so-called festival queen during the parade and ritual contest, it was… if she joins she will destroy the choreography… plainly said she was never the laead dancer and i agree with the post of kris that in joining a contest its the basics to ask for the criteria fisrst and regardless what the criteria is they have a day before the parade. Whew cheating in the face! shame to you!

  6. ganda kho says:

    dapat lang talaga na agawan ng titulo ang nanalo kasi hindi siya sumunod sa rules ng foundation eh………….. parang madugo ang labanan ngayon ah in my on opinion…..hehehehehe

  7. gigz says:

    I saw the peagent nigth of the Festival queen!!!! for us the crowned queen was not the choise of all the people who were there!!!! for us naa gyuy LUTO nga nahitabo!!!!! Bias au ang result!!!!na awa ra unza may end up sa ila luto? nabuking sila!!! hahahahahaha!!!!! pag-chor mo oi!!!!

  8. INDAY MYRNA says:


    where i can book a seat to watch sinulog 2008. did you had idea how much for adults and children?


  9. joan says:

    The decision of dethroning jana is fair enough…My best friend rosjane deserves the title…wheewww,…=)

  10. aj says:

    Not fair enough for Jana. She deserved the coveted title. To all detractors,very pathetic of you.

  11. visitors says:

    ms. concesa luna of municipality of oslob never did to be the sinulog festival queen but gets the heart of thousands of tourist and cebuanos through her beauty and the poise when she dance…., anyways,, theres always be second chances,,,… goodluck oslob….

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